Fred: The Movie

Released 2010


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Fred is in LOVE! In fact, he's in love with the girl next door, Judy. Unfortunately, Fred's nemesis lives across the street, and thwarts each attempt he makes to see her. When Fred finally succeeds in making it to Judy's house, he discovers that she has moved - and then embarks on an epic journey to find her!


  • awesome!

    love ii
  • Funny

    This movie was hilarious. Whenever Fred screamed it made me laugh so hard that I couldn't control myself. It's a shame that this movie gets low rating while movies like the Jurassic Park trilogy and Harry Potter get higher ratings.
  • Jesus....

    This has got to be one of the worst kid's television films I have ever watched.

    It's obnoxious, it's story, characters, and jokes lower themselves to the lowest common denominator, it pisses me off, and frankly a lot of other people.

    Dammit, Cruikshank. I know you weren't that funny to begin with, this is awful.
  • I am probally writing the only positive review about the film

    I have diffrent tastes when it comes to comedy and this was Nicks best movie in my opinion. I liked Fred on Youtube and when I heard about this movie I immediently wantd to watch it and I did. And guess what? It was good enough for me to watch again. I liked this film a lot and the show. I dont seem bothered that Fred the Show ( which is listed on wikipedia as one of the worst shows ever) is getting a good review from me. But before you judge my taste in quality, we are all individuals and I have a different idea from good comedy unlike others. This is one Tv Movie I would buy on iTunes.moreless
  • Possibly the worst movie I have ever seen

    First of all Fred Frigglehorn didn't even need a movie in the first place, but thanks to greedy nickelodeon, he did! The movie is basically just Fred trying to find his love Judy that moved out. Not only does it have an awful storyline/climax/plot, but it just fails at everything! For the acting! Dear lord, we have to go 1 hour and 22 minutes (That's how long this movie is BTW) hearing Fred's ear hurting cookie cutting teeth breaking loud voice! Every time I hear Fred's whiny voice I just wanna punch him in the face, rip his throat out, break his jaws and snap his skull, and yell at him to SHUT THE F-CK UP!!! I got no laughs at all, well maybe a slight chuckle at the scene where Kevin punches Fred and Fred is hit in the head with a pizza, but even that I can't give credit for. I feel like the writers weren't even trying with this movie. Not to mention this movie got 2 sequels and EVEN A SHOW!?!?! I was glad Fred: The Show was cancelled, same with Marvin Marvin, and Lucas Cruikshank is done playing Fred Frigglehorn and Marvin Marvin. Please stay away from this trash! Oh and also stay away from Fred's videos, Fred: The Show, Marvin Marvin, and the 2 sequels this crappy movie got! And if you wanna watch a good movie based on a tv show/webcast go watch The Spongebob Squarepants movie or The Simpsons Movie! You'll have a better time with those two movies than this pile of annoying, gross, dumb, ***ed, piece of sh-t! Overall Grade: (---infinity/100) F----- (As many F-'s as I can give! Mwuahahahahahaahaha)moreless

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