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Jennifer Lee (XXX) , Chris Buck (II)
When their kingdom becomes trapped in perpetual winter, fearless Anna (Kristen Bell) joins forces with mountaineer Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and his reindeer sidekick to find Anna's sister, the Snow Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel), to break her icy spell. Although their epic journey leads them to encounters with mystical trolls, a comedic snowman (Josh Gad), harsh conditions and magic at every turn, Anna and Kristoff bravely push onward in a race to save their kingdom from destruction.


Metacritic Score

  • 100

    The Playlist Drew Taylor

    As far as animated movies go, it doesn't get that much better than Frozen. It's a new Disney classic.

  • 70

    The Hollywood Reporter Todd McCarthy

    Energetic, humorous and not too cloying, as well as the first Hollywood film in many years to warn of global cooling rather than warming, this tuneful toon upgrades what has been a...

  • 70

    Variety Scott Foundas

    This always enjoyable tale of mysterious magic, imperiled princesses and square-jawed men of action proves longer on striking visuals than on truly engaging or memorable characters.

  • An Epic Family Tale

    The music is awesome.

    The characters are awesome.

    The story is awesome.

    This movie rocks!
  • Fantastic!!! :-)

    I love Olaf & Elsa! I just want to sing "Let it go" right now! One of the best Disney movies ever made.
  • Best Disney Movie Since The Renaissance age

    This Movie was really amazing.

    the songs are catchy and the plot is interesting it looks like something disney has been hiding for 20 or more years if you havent seen it go watch it now
  • A Second Disney Renaissance is Upon Us

    This is one of the best movies I have ever seen before. Despite being CGI, it feels like a film from the Disney Renaissance. The CGI animation is unbelievably beautiful, the songs are brilliant, and the characters are very likable.

    The only negative thing I can think of is that Let It Go has been way overdone on the internet with covers and parodies (including one made by the Westboro Baptist Church that ticked me off even before I saw the movie). However this does not lower my score because that means the song is very good and fans really want their try at it.

    Also Disney did a lot of research into this film. At the beginning of the film where the people were harvesting ice was historically accurate. That is actually how ice was harvested centuries ago. Also when Hans' sword shattered upon hitting a frozen Anna, if you look closely before he hits her, frost forms upon his blade. When steel is frozen at a low temperature, it becomes brittle as glass.

    What I love best about this movie is the relationship between Anna and Elsa. Anna wants to be with her sister and reunite with her while Elsa only stays distant because she feared hurting her little sister. It shows how much the two love each other. I also love how the act of true love was the sisters' bond rather than with a romantic interest showing us there is more to true love than just romance.

  • Really "cool"

    The music is great, well there is A few gaps in it but it's A great movie!

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