Futurama: Bender's Game

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Futurama: Bender's Game is a direct-to-dvd movie based on the animated series Futurama created by Matt Groening. While piloting the Planet Express ship, Leela is insulted by some space rednecks leading her to enter the company spacecraft into a demolition derby. Due to the fact that Leela wrecked the ship and wasted so much dark matter fuel, Professor Farnsworth punishes her by outfitting her with a shock collar. While this is going on, Bender has fallen into a game of Dungeons and Dragons with Cubert and his friends. Bender drifts too far into fantasy and is committed to the Hal Institute for Criminally Insane Robots. After dealing with Bender, Professor Farnsworth and the crew head to Mom's in order to discover her secret dark matter reserves. After discovering Mom's evil secret, a wild chain events sends Mom, her cronies, and the Planet Express crew into the wild Dungeons and Dragons fantasy world that Bender imagined.


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  • Does Bender have an imagination? What is the secret of Dark matter?

    Does Bender have an imagination? What is the secret of Dark matter?

    This film is definitely the best one so far. It has the same drawn-out feeling as the other two before it ("Bender's Big Score" and "The Beast With A Billion Backs"), and the jokes and action get a bit numbing after a bit.

    However, this one has more steam than the others. The events remain interesting and within limits of comprehension, keeping things interesting and relatively sane.

    With Dark matter prices going up, The Professor tells his crew not to drive around excessively. Leela, however, has an anger issue to resolve - which leads their ship getting wrecked and her wearing a collar around her neck that gives her an electric shock for doing one of several things (including swearing, violent thoughts and thinking of sexual perversions).

    However, it seems that The Professor has an idea about why the Dark matter prices are going up, and the crew is off to save the day.

    In the meanwhile, Bender has sat down with the boy to play Dungeons & Dragons, which leads him to discover that he does, after all, have an imagination. Only, a robot shouldn't have one, so off to asylum he goes!

    While rather odd, the plot takes us to a journey to release Nibblonians, who as we know are used to create Dark matter, and to merge two crystals that will, once combined, make Dark matter unsuitable as fuel once again.

    The rescue operation also takes us to Bender's imagination, mixing Dungeons & Dragons with The Lord of the Rings - a mix that cannot fail!

    A must-see for all Futurama fans, and also an amusing view, I'm sure, to most fantasy lovers.moreless

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