Garfield: The Movie

Twentieth Century Fox Released 2004


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Garfield marks the long-awaited motion picture debut of America's favorite feline - and the world's laziest cat. The live action/CGI picture is adapted from the syndicated cartoon strip read in 2600 newspapers by 260 million readers around the globe. Bill Murray provides the voice of Garfield. Breckin Meyer (Road Trip) portrays Garfield's owner, Jon Arbuckle, and Jennifer Love Hewitt (Heartbreakers) is the famed feline's veterinarian, Liz Wilson. The film also features the voice talents of Debra Messing as Arlene, a cute feline who keeps Garfield on his toes; Brad Garrett as Luca, the neighborhood Doberman; and Alan Cumming as Persnikitty, another cat with whom Garfield crosses paths.moreless
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