Garfield's Thanksgiving

Released 1989


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Movie: Garfield's Thanksgiving (23:49)

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On Thanksgiving, according to Garfield, people "celebrate food by eating as much of it as possible. It's a tradition, I love tradition." But that tradition is history following a checkup from veterinarian Liz Wilson, a sassy lady who's also the new heartthrob of Garfield's owner, Jon. The bad news for Garfield: he must go on a diet. The good news for Jon: Liz agrees to come to his house for Thanksgiving. Come the holiday, Jon is in high spirits, busily readying for his dinner guest. Garfield, however, is in the doldrums. He's facing a half of a leaf of lettuce for breakfast, contending with the goofy pooch Odie as his diet monitor and feuding with a talking scale that reads his weight and calls him Orson Welles. Co written by "Garfield" creator Jim Davis. Lou Rawls and Desiree Goyette sing the musical numbers.moreless
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