Garth Marenghi's Dark Place

Released 2004


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Garth Marenghi's Dark Place

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Richard Ayoade
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Fans of the horror genre won't want to miss this gruesome hospital drama.
  • Funny, Gory, Dark, British, Brilliant.


    No words. This was something else, EXTREMELY funny, NOT to be taken even a little bit serious. I laughed when I saw's description. "Fans of the horror genre won't want to miss this gruesome hospital drama."??

    come ON!

    I'll tell you what this is:

    It's an extremely Dark, British, Gory comedy.

    that's ALL!!!!! The reviewer who came before me put it perfectly:

    "One-third 80's hospital-drama parody, one-third mockumentary, one-third bizarre lunacy." (Credits to 111triceratops:)

    it's brilient, horrible, funny and gross. A personal favorite, yes, but That's not promising everybody will enjoy it. Definitely NOT for those with a weak stomach!

    It's a parody of itself, Funny, dark....Disgusting...wonderful. If you like Dark gory British humor, you'll like 'Dark Place'.moreless
  • One-third 80's hospital-drama parody, one-third mockumentary, one-third bizarre lunacy.

    Cripes, how to explain this one?

    OK, here's the fictional "backstory" of the series: back in the 1980's, a self-important Stephen King-esque horror writer named Garth Merenghi produced a TV show called "Dark Place," set in a hospital beset by supernatural forces. The show never made it to air, but now, decades later, the BBC is so desperate to fill its schedule that it's resurrected "Dark Place"... with occasional pauses for "present-day" docu-commentary from Garth and other "artists" who were involved with creating it.

    So the humor in "Dark Place" comes from a variety of directions. First of all, the show revels in poking fun at the details of '80's TV -- the women with big hair, the synthesizer soundtrack, the flat, overlit look of everything.

    But it also has a huge amount of fun with recreating terrible film-making. Though Garth believes he created a work of art, his show is actually a piece of amateurish crap, complete with jump cuts, terrible overdubbing, lousy special effects, egregious slow-motion, and the most hilariously bad acting imaginable. Some of the funniest moments in the series involve Garth and his cohorts, in the present-day, speaking proudly of their truly awful work as writers, directors, producers and actors in this trash.

    Add to all this a sense of the horrific and bizarre (in one scene, a man literally explodes, and a weeping Garth has to put the still-conscious head out of its misery by smashing it to pieces with a golf club) and you've got a genuinely... er... unique series.

    Not for everyone, but for those who appreciate the strange and the clever, its rewards are many.moreless
Matt Berry (II)

Matt Berry (II)

Dr. Lucien Sanchez

Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade

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Matthew Holness

Dr. Rick Dagless M.D.

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Alice Lowe

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Graham Linehan

Security Guard

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