Get Smart, Again!

Released 1989


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  • Get Smart, Again! Is The Best Reunion Movie EVER From Any TV Series!

    The Nude Bomb was not worth watching. That is simply a fact. There was nothing even reminiscent of Get Smart in it. The only thing "Smart" about the whole mess was Max's mouth, and not even three agents can replace 99. But Ger Smart, Again! is the funniest reunion show of all time. The cobwebby remake of the now deserted looking hall of doors, Max, Hymie, 99, 13, everyone is back. This is a sum-up of the movie from the official Get Smart Website, with a couple of my ad-lib opinions thrown in:

    A 1989 TV movie, Get Smart Again was written by Leonard Stern and directed by Gary Nelson. This reunion saw Max currently working as a US government representative at funerals. When Siegfried returns with a new plot, the government reactivates CONTROL.

    Max reassembles his old team, finding Hymie working as a crash test dummy, and even gets Presidential permission for 99 to join him in the case. Together, they manage to outwit a very sentimental Siegfried and Shtarker.

    While featuring the right cast, the script re-used too many of the old jokes. Max and Siegfried's new meeting in the park is a virtual replay of their first meeting. Instead of being fresh, it became predictable, though still funny. Nelson's direction was uneven and I believe they would have been better off allowing Don Adams to direct, as Adams directed some of the series' best episodes. There were several highlights, including Max's reunion with Hymie and a fantastic "Would You Believe" with Harold Gould. All in all, it was a good movie and definitely should be seen by all Smartians, who would probably be better off by forgetting about The Nude Bomb.

    You can get a copy on Amozon, although it's not that great, a PAL version is available in Austraila.

    All in All, this is A MUST SEE!moreless

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