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Released 2008


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Movie: Get Thrashed


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"Get Thrashed" is one of the best music documentaries ever made. Featuring the biggest bands in heavy metal music, it covers the initial origins, cultural impact, and musical influence of Thrash Metal. Told first-hand by the members of bands like Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax, as well as using raw, original show footage; writer/director Rick Ernst demonstrates how and why many of these bands emerged from playing local parties and small clubs to headlining major arenas and stadiums. Along the way we witness the drugs, drinking, fighting, deaths, mosh pits, leather jackets, long hair and most of all -- the groundbreaking new music. Throughout the course of the film we follow the lives and music of these artists - truly realizing how the seeds they planted back then have given rise to the new breed of extreme Heavy Metal and Active Rock that has taken over the radio waves and major arenas today.moreless
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