Godzilla: Final Wars

Released 2004


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Ryuhei Kitamura
Godzilla: Final Wars is a Japanese science fiction film directed by Ryuhei Kitamura as a fiftieth anniversary film that would act as a direct sequel to the original 1954 Godzilla. After years of perpetual warfare and pollution has led to giant monsters, like King Ghidorah, Rodan, and Hedorah, every nation unites in order to create the Earth Defense Force (EDF) to protect the planet with the best of the best – best technology, best weapons, and even mutants with abilities. Their greatest victory came when they trapped Godzilla, a giant destructive monster, under the ice in the South Pole. Decades later, the EDF fall upon a lurking mummified space monster just as monsters suddenly appear all over the world. Former Godzilla enemies such as Anguirus, King Caesar, and even Zilla, are destroying city after city before disappearing into thin air, supposedly due to the help of alien Xilians. When Earth turns into a wasteland of destroyed civilization, the EDF have to turn to the one weapon they have left – Godzilla. Godzilla: Final Wars is a celebratory anniversary film that features a large group of actors established in the previous classic and new Godzilla films. Even monsters that had not graced the screen in over thirty years had cameos as a bow to the first kaiju, or giant monster, movies from Japan.moreless
Kenji Sahara

Kenji Sahara

Paleontologist Hachirô Jingûji

Akira Takarada

Akira Takarada

UN Secretary General Naotarô Daigo

Kane Kosugi

Kane Kosugi

M-Facility Soldier Katsunori Kazama

Masami Nagasawa

Masami Nagasawa


Kazuki Kitamura

Kazuki Kitamura

The Controller of Planet X

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Foreign Language, saving the world, outrageous situations, large scale destruction, high stake situations