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Godzilla is a science fiction monster film directed by Roland Emmerich that centers on the aftermath of a mass migration of radiated reptilian-like creatures in New York. Years before, French scientists gave little thought to what effects the radiation would have on the local wildlife of the Polynesia islands used for nuclear tests. When random fishing boats and shorefronts experience disasters, Dr. Nick Tatopoulos (Matthew Broderick) is called in for his expertise in the effects of nuclear radiation. With help of French insurance agent Philippe Roache (Jean Reno), Nick finds out the mutated reptiles not only have gained a massive size but at least one has made its way to use Manhattan as its stomping and breeding grounds. Mass hysteria does not quite cut it when a new nest of these Godzilla creatures begins to hatch and journalist Audrey Timmonds (Maria Pitillo) is right there to catch it. Godzilla is loosely based on the infamous Japanese Godzilla series.moreless
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