Gone In 60 Seconds

Touchstone Pictures Released 2000




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Dominic Sena

Randall "Memphis" Raines is a notorious master car thief who has retired from his life of crime. Extenuating circumstances led to his retirement and he had to leave everything he cared about behind including his beloved 1967 Shelby Mustang GT, lovingly nicknamed Eleanor. Memphis is content in his new life and has no desire to return to his criminal career. However, when his little brother, Kip, tries to emulate his brother's career he does not experience the same success. When Kip ends up in a bind, he turns to the only person he knows can help, Memphis. Memphis agrees to help, but can't do it alone. After assembling a crew they attempt to finish what Kip couldn't.

Metacritic Score

  • 50

    The New York Times A.O. Scott

    This new version is mindless hot-rodding fun, especially for those with a weakness for vintage cars hurtling down city streets, a group whose members include -- sigh -- me.

  • 30

    Los Angeles Times Kenneth Turan

    It has a tendency to run ragged and spends an unhealthy amount of time idling pointlessly at intersections.

  • 20


    Perfectly dreadful in every respect.

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    • Production Budget - $90,000,000
      Domestic Gross - $101,648,571 (22nd)
      Worldwide Gross - $237,202,299 (15th)

      Domestic Adjusted for 2013 - $153,887,261
      Worldwide Adjusted for 2013 - $359,104,037

    • Other Production Companies:
      Buena Vista Pictures (distributor)
      Jerry Bruckheimer Films

    • A 'director's cut' of the movie runs almost 10 minutes longer.

    • Filming Locations:
      Arcadia, California
      Beverly Hills, California
      Hamilton, Ontario
      Los Angeles, California
      Independence, California
      Long Beach, California
      Long Pine, California
      Redondo Beach, California
      San Pedro, California

    • Taglines:
      1. Ice Cold, Hot Wired.
      2. Lock your car or it may be... GONE IN 60 SECONDS

    • Music:
      Da Rockwilder
      Written by Clifford Smith / Reggie Noble / Dana Stinton
      Performed by Method Man Red
      Busy Child
      Written by Ken Jordan / Scott Kirkland
      Performed by Crystal Method
      You Won't Fall
      Written and performed by Lori Carson
      Written by Ian Bell / Paul Blackburn / Tom Gray / Ben Attewell / Olly Peacock
      Performed by Gomez
      Folsom Prison Blues
      Written and Performed by Johnny Cash
      Better Days (And the Bottom Drops Out)
      Written by Matt Sims / Dave Cooley
      Written by Andrew Cocup
      Performed by Groove Armada
      Too Sick to Pray
      Written by Robert Spragg / Mark Sams
      Performed by A3
      If Everybody Looked the Same
      Written by A. Cocup / T. Findlay / E. Record / Q. Joseph / A Muhammad / K. Fareed / M. Taylor / J. Vancey
      Performed by Groove Armada
      Written and performed by BT
      Low Rider
      Written by Howard Scott / Charles Miller / Lee Oskar / Lonnie Jordan / Jerry Goldstein / Morris Dickerson / Harold Brown / Sylvester Allen
      Performed by War
      Stop the Rock
      Writen by Noko / Ian Hoxsley / Trevor Grey / Howard Grey
      Performed by Apollo Four Forty
      Roll All Day
      Written by Ice Cube / Don Saunders
      Performed by Ice Cube
      Shine on Me
      Written by Laurie Mayer / William Orbit
      Performed by Torch Song
      Leave Home
      Written by Thomas Rowlands / Edmund Simons / Blake Baxter
      Performed by The Chemical Brothers
      Party Up
      Written by Earl Simmons / Kasseem Dean
      Performed by DMX
      Brick House
      Written by Lionel Ritchie / Ronald Lapread / Walter Orange / Milan Williams / Thomas McClary / William King
      Been Caught Stealing
      Written by Perry Farrell / David Navarro / Eric Avery / Stephen Perkins
      Performed by Jane's Addiction
      Ride On Josephine
      Written by Ellas McDaniel
      Performed by George Thorogood and The Destroyers
      Written by Blake Smith / Mike Willison / Michael Brown
      Performed by Caviar


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