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Gordy is a 1995 American family comedy-drama film from Miramax Family Films. Gordy (Justin Garms) is an unusually intelligent piglet. His contented life on an Arkansan farm is disrupted when his family leaves the farm on a mysterious truck, accidentally abandoning Gordy. Certain that his family will meet an unhappy fate, Gordy decides that it is up to him to save his siblings and parents. The piglet sets out on his own to brave the unknown. As he travels along the countryside, dodging danger and facing challenges, Gordy eventually crosses paths with a few friendly faces. Jinnie Sue MacAllister (Kristy Young) and her father Luke (Doug Stone) are a pair of aspiring country music stars who wonder why the little pig is wandering around on his own. Jinnie Sue renames him Pinky and takes him on as her pet. The country singers are on their way to a fancy gig where they meet Hanky Royce (Michael Roescher), a lonely and wealthy boy. When Gordy unexpectedly has the chance to show off his daring and save Hanky's life, he finds himself thrown into the national spotlight. Now a countrywide sensation, Gordy has to figure out to stay true to himself and remember his original quest to save his family.



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  • A good family movie, but somewhat dark.

    First I must say I agree with the majority that Babe is superior to Gordy. That said, it's still a good movie. It has a good message regarding the importance of family and friendship, and also perseverance. However, I don't like everything about it. I'll start with the slaughterhouse scenes. They're pretty unsavory if you ask me. Also, they didn't use a big budget on this movie, resulting in the special effects for the animals' talking to be out of sync. That and they didn't use experienced actors to play the human roles, so a lot of the acting is surprisingly amateur. Without these faults, I would give Gordy an 8.9 for having an overall solid story and being surprisingly deep as far as having heart is concerned. Well, I still give this movie a good score because there's more good in it than there is bad, and the movie is at least memorable unlike Bolt and easier to follow than Alice in Wonderland. Plus there's no slapstick like there was in Hercules or The Emperor's New Groove, and there's no alien invasion like in Chicken Little. And it's not mean-spirited like The Fairly OddParents or crude and dangerous like Rabbids Invasion (which is the worst show ever!)

    UPDATE: I'll change this to 10 because someone vandalized the rating like jm5189 said. Like I said before it's not a perfect movie but that doesn't mean it deserves six 1s! And I have no idea why this would get a 5.1 if The Nightmare Before Christmas gets a 7.moreless
  • What happened to the rating?

    This cute, fun family film was at 9.2 and now all of the sudden it's down to 4.9! What's happened? Note: this was supposed to be an 8.5, but I had to change it to get the rating up. I bet it's the same people who like Sanjay and Craig who did this! Wow do you people need new lives!
  • The most underrated film ever made!

    This is the story of a little pig with a big heart who makes it big! It's touching and heartwarming and the only thing preventing it from getting a 10 is that the acting is a little weak, and the talking animal effects were low-budget unlike in Babe which is even better! But this is so underrated and misunderstood beyond belief! Watch it at Netflix now!

    UPDATE ON MARCH 1 (originally posted last year on July 16): I just saw the newest episode of Breadwinners, and now I've changed my mind about Gordy and Liv and Maddie. They're both 10 now. However Babe is still the even better talking pig movie.moreless
James Donadio

James Donadio

Gilbert Sipes

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Louis Rukeyser


Roy Clark

Roy Clark

Branson Performer

Afemo Omilami

Afemo Omilami


Hamilton Camp

Hamilton Camp

Father Pig/Richard the Rooster (voice)

Doug Stone

Doug Stone

Luke McAllister

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