Green Lantern: First Flight

DC Comics & Warner Bros. Animation Released 2009


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Green Lantern: Fist Flight is an animated action adventure film directed by Lauren Montgomery adapted from DC Comics legendary Green Lantern as it chronicles the first ever mission of the first human in the Green Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan (Christopher Meloni). Before life existed, there were Guardians, beings who channeled the most potent and powerful energy of willpower in the form of the green element with its only weakness in the form of fear, the yellow element. Billions of years later, free-willed daredevil Hal Jordan had been working as a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft when he was taken into the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps, given a ring to tap into the green energy in order to construct anything within his imagination and willpower. As his new mentor, Sinestro (Victor Garber), starts to show some shady beliefs, it falls onto Jordan and the only other believing Green Lantern, Kilowog (Michael Madsen), to stop whatever Sinestro is doing against the Guardians.moreless
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