Guns of the Magnificent Seven

MGM Released 1969




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Paul Wendkos

In this second sequel to the classic The Magnificent Seven, Mexican peasants hire Chris to assemble a group of men and free a Mexican revolutionary. Chris travels and hires Keno (the sidekick), Levi (the knifethrower), Slater (the one-armed marksman), Cassie (a black explosives expert, and P.J. (a consumptive gunfighter) and travel with one of the locals, Max, to break the revolutionary out of prison. Opposing them is Colonel Diego, a ruthless soldier who will stop at nothing to find the revolutionaries and kill them.


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    • Keno: You want to know my name before you hang me?
      Judge: Not particularly. Just your last words.
      Keno: I demand a recount.

    • Judge: Stealing a man's horse in this country is worse than stealing his wife. There's been too much of this thing going on and I'm going to put a stop to it.
      Keno: Horse stealing or wife stealing, judge?

    • Chris: What's your name?
      Max: Maximiliano Bienviedo O'Leary.
      Keno: Why do you people always have such long names?
      Max: I don't know. Perhaps it's because we all have such short lives.

    • Chris: This is a rough go, huh, Cassie?
      Cassie: Yeah. If I stay here any longer, I'll end up in jail.
      Chris: Wouldn't you rather blow one up?
      Cassie: For money or for laughs?
      Chris: About as much as you'd make in a year. A hundred dollars. Not many laughs.

    • Slater: I'm a freak, Keno. I'm a half- man, half-gun. Why, I can't whip a six-year-old girl in a fair fight, but I can blow a man's eyeballs out at a hundred yards in a sandstorm.

    • Keno: A wife and a gaggle of kids. So you sold out, Levi.
      Levi: No, no I bought in. You know, it takes--it takes a man my age to appreciate a real woman. She's worth it, too.
      Keno: Well, I appreciate them, Levi. Everyone I ever I had. I just appreciated the hell out of all of 'em.

    • Slater: It was a joke, Cassie. A joke, that's all.
      Cassie: I don't see nobody laughing.
      Slater: Maybe it was a bad joke.
      Chris: It was a bad joke. Let him go, Cassie.

    • Max: It's Lobero.
      Chris: Is that a welcome party or a lynch party?
      Max: With Lobero, you never can tell.

    • Diego: Lieutenant, did you notice anything... anything unusual?
      Prensa: No, sir.
      Diego: That is why you are not a colonel.

    • Slater: And you know what it's like, Cassie. Being lonely and all. People look at you like you're some kind of animal or something.
      Cassie: Slater, you are an amateur. You don't know what being lonely is. But if it's conversation you're looking, you tell me how you got to be a cripple and I'll tell you all about being black.

    • Slater: I can't even get a job supporting my wife and kids.
      Cassie: And you think you got troubles? You could have been a one-armed black gunney. You got a wife and kid? What happened?
      Slater: She found a whole man.
      Cassie: Well, I guess that makes her about half a woman. And you better off for it.

    • Keno: They got you hooked.
      Chris: No man gets hooked unless he wants to be hooked. Besides, what else is there? No more open land, my old man is dead. The buffalo are gone, soon the horse will go, then it'll be our turn. You know anybody that'll be sorry to see you go? Maybe these people will be sorry to see us go. What am I preaching to you for? I'll see you in the morning.
      Keno: Yeah. And I hope you'll see me tomorrow night, too.

    • Max: You don't have big dreams, Lobero. Only a big belly.

    • Chris: Where's your hero?
      Miguel: Lobero? He was sick. A bullet... in his belly.

    • Max: Chris, we're going to scatter in the hills, and we're going to fight them again. We wills talk them in the night like jaguars. We will... we will sweep down from the mountains like hawks. We're going to tear out their throats like wolves, In the deserts, Chris, in the valleys, all of us, Chris... goodbye, Chris.

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