Halloweentown High

Released 2004


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Mark A.Z. Dippe
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The third installment in a series of Disney Channel Original Movies. Marnie sets up an exchange program between supernatural students of Halloweentown, and her high school in the mortal world.
  • Welcome back to.. Halloweentown!

    What a real good movie, as good as Twitches. This movie is great for Halloween, and times around October. I think they should do more than just one and two and three and five, I think they should lots and lots of these movies. I love them, and there really good. Why don't we see Sara and Marney (sorry for the misspelling of the actor) in Disney Channel expect in Halloweentown. I hope they get their own series on Disney Channel, because that would be awesome. This is Halo (You can call me TGH3) and this my review for the Halloweentown series! Peace out - Halo (TGH3)moreless
  • an ok movie

    I think that movie was great but its called HALLOWEEN town and that means that its sapose to be scary and "NEWS FLASH" it wasn't. I mean i like it its a good movie but its not scary i mean if they say its sapose to be scary and people watches it because they say that its scary but ti really isn't scary i mean that would suck!!!!!!!!!! like for real for real. I think that its a good halloween movie for kids mabye 9-12 but 13 and up it would be preety boring. to the people who like it im not trying to say its a bad movie just that its kinda boring for kids our age.moreless
  • I really like the movie!

    Halloweentown high is more bigger than the first two movies of Halloweentown. Marnie isn't using her powers that much, though. I really liked the ending, though. Cassie is a really funny chracter. Marnie is a really good leader. She helped the creatures of Halloweentown survive a normal schoolyear of a mortal's high school. So, they went to the mortal world. But I don't really know what kind of a creature Cassie is supposed to be. A vampire, right? Maybe not. But I definetly really dislike Ethan Hathaway's evil father. But I liked the ending. Ethan father is destroyed. And Marnie gets a new boyfriend. So cool.moreless
  • A Great Movie!!

    Halloweentown High is the 3rd movie out of the 4 Halloweentown movies. All new kids from Halloweentown are in this movie. Two of them are also in the hit movie High School Musical. Those two people are Lucas Grabeel and Olesya Rulin. This is my 3rd favorite out the 4 movies. What I didn't like about this movie was how Sophie wasn't in the movie too much. She is my favorite character. I'm also mad that she wasn't in the 4th movie at all. Kimberley J. Brown does a great job in this movie. So all in all, a highly reccomended Halloween movie.moreless

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