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David Jackson , Duwayne Dunham
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Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie Piper are three ordinary kids but find out one Halloween that they are, in fact, witches. They discover that their mother decided to marry a human man (their father) and move to the human world and away from Halloweentown.
  • This is the best Halloweentown movie! The original of course.

    This is the best out of all the Halloweentown movies!! Nothing can beat the original. Its so good. Whoever thought of it should be really pround of themselves. It has been successfull and so successfull that they made 3 more movies of it. Its a great film and I will never forget it! I remember watching it when I was a child and loved it!! It was a great experience and you get a great feeling when you watch it. I still watch it now when it is on which is not that regularly.

    I hope other people like it the same way I do.moreless
  • A good movie for the whole family!

    What a real good movie, as good as Twitches. This movie is great for Halloween, and times around October. I think they should do more than just one and two and three and five, I think they should lots and lots of these movies. I love them, and there really good. Why don't we see Sara and Marney (sorry for the misspelling of the actor) in Disney Channel expect in Halloweentown. I hope they get their own series on Disney Channel, because that would be awesome. This is Halo (You can call me TGH3) and this my review for the Halloweentown series! Peace out - Halo (TGH3)moreless
  • Awesome DCOMs!!

    Halloweentown has 4 movies. The first one is called Halloween town, which was made in 1999, the 2nd is Halloweentown II: Kalabar`s Revenge, which was made in 2001, the 3rd is called Halloweentown High, which was made in 2004, and the 4th and final movie is called Return to Halloweentown, which was made in 2006. My favorite is Halloweentown, then Halloweentown 2, then Halloweentown High, then Return to Halloweentown. I gave the 1st a 9.9, the 2nd a 9.7, the 3rd a 9.6, and the 4th a 8.6. I gave it a 8.6 because Kimberly J. Brown is not in it, and she is awesome as Marnie. Overall, the Halloweentown movies are excellent DCOMs!!moreless
  • Halloweentown is one of my favorite DCOMs.

    The Halloweentown movies are some of my favorite DCOMs. It follows Marnie Piper through her life becoming a witch, going to high school as a witch and then going to Witch University. I was disappointed that Marnie's younger sister Sophie slowly disappears. In the first two movies (Halloweentown, and Halloweentown two Kalibar's Revenge) Sophie is featured repeatedly, but in Halloweentown High, Sophie only appears once or twice, Then in Retun to Halloweentown, Sophie is gone completely. This disappoints me and brings my rating of this movie down to a seven point five in my opinion. Overall I enjoyed the Halloweentown Movies.moreless
Emily Roeske

Emily Roeske

Sophie Cromwell Piper

Kimberly J. Brown

Kimberly J. Brown

Marnie Cromwell Piper

Phillip Van Dyke

Phillip Van Dyke


Judith Hoag

Judith Hoag

Gwen Cromwell Piper

Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds

Splendora Agatha "Aggie" Cromwell

Joey Zimmerman

Joey Zimmerman

Dylan Cromwell Piper

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