Hard Times

Released 1975


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Hard Times is a 1975 drama starring Charles Bronson as Chaney, a tough-as-nails drifter looking to make some money as a bare-knuckle boxer in Louisiana during the Great Depression. Chaney is a mysterious figure. He has no past and no relationships, living off the fat of the land as he travels from town to town. Chaney lives by his own set of laws. His central motivation is survival. When he happens upon an illegal street fighting ring run by gamblers, he meets with one of the organizers and asks for a fight. Spencer “Speed” Weed is a fast-talking gambler looking for easy cash. He puts Chaney in a fight, which Chaney immediately wins with a single punch. Seeing great potential in the quiet brawler, Speed agrees to manage Chaney. The two travel to New Orleans where Speed plans to make big money with his new partner. In the big city, Chaney's raw power may not be enough against the long odds of the brutal mobsters and wealthy businessman looking to profit off the dangerous fights. Hard Times is a gripping film, featuring one of Charles Bronson's finest performances.moreless
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