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"To eat" means "to exploit" in many Third World countries, but "to consume" means "to enjoy" in the First World. HEADHUNTERS satirizes this cultural confusion?as well as racism, tourism and male rituals for manhood?not to mention culinary aspirations?in a post-colonial story about a white boy's trip to acquire a shrunken head in Papua New Guinea. The boy's mother narrates in cheerful quasi-Conradian monologue. HEADHUNTERS' outrageousness hopes to convince viewers, in a way that both amuses and informs, that development is not always to the benefit of the Third World. Featured at the Long Beach Museum of Art, "Exchange and Evolution" as part of the Getty's Pacific Standard Time exhibition at RedCat, World Wide Video Festival, Pacific Film Archives, Mixed Signals, L.A.C.E., L.A. Freewaves, and the Pasadena Art Museum. VHS.moreless
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