Henry Poole Is Here

Released 2008


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Henry Poole Is Here is a 2008 dramatic film directed by Mark Pellington that stars Luke Wilson. Wilson plays Henry Poole, a man recently diagnosed with a mysterious and rare terminal disease. Horribly depressed by this, Henry isolates himself from his fiance and family and buys the old tract house he used to live in as a child. There he awaits his inevitable demise, drinking whiskey and eating bad frozen pizza. However his sad solitude is broken by his neighbor Esperanza Martinize, who becomes convinced she can see the face of Christ embedded in Henry's stucco wall. Once it begins to exude blood drops Esperanza is beyond convinced and believes it truly has miraculous powers. She begins leading pilgrimages to Henry's back yard and invites the Father from her local parish to bless the strange site. Sick people actually start to be 'cured' by the Jesus image. Henry however doesn't believe in any of this and is irritated by all the people who have congregated at his home. He destroys the image with a sledgehammer and in doing so that part of the house collapses on him. Henry ends up in the hospital about to be shocked by the truth of his condition and ready to accept the possibility of the miracle...moreless
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Comedy, Drama


Independent, Dark Comedy