Hercules and the Lost Kingdom

Universal Studios Released 1994


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Hercules and the Lost Kingdom

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Harley Cokeliss
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Hercules is pursued by his deadly, implacable enemy, his stepmother Hera, who uses many supernatural disguises to try and destroy Hercules as he searches for the lost city of Troy. She lays in wait as Herculesundertakes his epic quest. His only ally is the youthful Deianeira, a beautiful but stubborn young woman whose secret destiny might even outstrip that of Hercules himself.

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    • Young Deianeira: What about you? Are you immortal?
      Hercules: You wanna know...?
      Young Deianeira: Mm-hmm.
      Hercules: And so do I. All I can tell you is when the sun's out, I'm gonna live forever. Then at night, when I can't sleep and the worries come creeping in- well, the next monster's gonna get me for sure.

    • Young Deianeira: Excuse me, Eunuch! I just gave you a message to give to Hercules!
      Waylan: Hercules is unavailable for the foreseeable future. And I'm not a eunuch. I'm a slave.
      Young Deianeira: What's the difference?
      Waylan: Ha! Uh... I'll tell ya when you grow up.

    • Young Deianeira: (explaining why she allowed herself to be a human sacrifice) So, of course, it was only natural I'd give my life over to public service. See, my father was this really handsome king who loved me, more than anything in the world. But then, when his kingdom was threatened, he sent me away for my own good. I think he made quite a sacrifice, don't you?
      Hercules: That's a well-known fairy tale, Deianeira. My mother used to tell it to me. Who told it to you?
      Young Deianeira: I told it to myself, all right? You don't think orphans need fairy tales, too?

    • Young Deianeira: (as Hercules prevents her from being sacrificed) What are you doing?! Go away! You're interrupting a religious ceremony.
      Hercules: Yeah, well, if you're sacrificing yourself to the Water God, he's not home. You're wasting your time. (catching her as she falls) See? What'd I tell you? That was close, you almost fell.
      Young Deianeira: I was supposed to fall, you idiot! Didn't you ever see a sacrifice? A maiden, at the height of her fertility, is the only thing that can save the crops!
      Hercules: (skeptically looking at the young woman) So, you're a maiden at the height of her fertility?

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