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Kenny Ortega
In the sequel, school's out for summer and now, the competition moves from the fields of high school to the lawns of high society -- also known as the Country Club. When the other East High students get summer jobs there, before long, they face off over the country club's annual mid-summer's night musical production, which Sharpay is dying to get the award for and the winning spot to be Troy's true love.

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  • Sequel to Disney's smash hit High School Musical, the movie finds the Wildcats working at a posh country club. Problem? Sharpay's family happens to own it.

    What better way to follow up the greatness that was High School Musical than with an equally stunning sequel?

    High School Musical finds many characters in a multitude of awkward positions. When the Wildcats find summer jobs at Albuquerque's hottest high-society hangout, the Lava Springs Country Club, their summer dream bubble is burst when they find out that Sharpay is not only a member--and a demanding one at that--but that her family owns the country club!

    The aspect of "future" is heavily focused on in this movie: Troy is unsure of his "future" with Gabriella; the relationship between Troy and Chad becomes frosty when Troy starts thinking about his "future" basketball career, possibly with the U. of A. Redhawks; there is the "future" aspect of, is Troy done with singing and stage performance and is he ready to move on, or does he want to continue to shine?

    And into all of this steps Sharpay, who, as always, tries to dissemble the bonds between Troy and Gabriella.

    This was a classic movie, but a chose the "trendsetting" classification instead because the second installment only increased HSM fever to the extreme, so much that the third installment, which I suppose I will have to review on MovieTome, made it to the big screen this October.moreless
  • My God no! This version was way too boring!

    High School Musical 2 was flat-out the most boring and lame tv movie I have ever seen! I couldn't even watch or pay attention to the whole thing, nor listen to it! I just either zoned out or was too busy researching things on the computer! They should have just stopped at only one High School Musical! This one could never match up to the original, this high school musical second version I have no interest at all! It is very boring, dull, and lacks a good plot along with some more proper and superb tunes. Plus I don't think the actors were as good, but I don't know maybe its just me. Boring movies like this are exactly why Disney Channel has gotten so crappy and barely watchable for me over the past 5 years. I definitely can hardly be able to sit through much of anything on Disney Channel these days, especially when tv movies have been made into sequels that are super boring and past their usefulness. This television movie bores me to death! About the only thing left that I think Disney Channel still airs that is more worth your time and is an excellent show is Kim Possible. Disney Channel should have just stuck with one High School Musical, the original was decent, but even that one was hard for me to stay focused on it. So this High School Musical which is the second one and after this one, forget it. I just cannot watch it it is too boring. Now for a brief description: Next we got Sharpay and all the other High School Musical crew singing and dancing at their second year and yaddi yaddi yadda blah blah blah...done. End of review.moreless
  • Why is everyone hating on HSM 2?!

    Somebody, please tell me, why everyone is hating on HSM 2.

    There's not a good plot? This is Disney, are you expecting some kind of drama? Some long meaningful speech from the resident old wise man? They get to the heart of the innocent. Staying true to yourself, your friends. Everyone wants that. Everyone wants friends who have their back and who are loyal. Everyone wants a meaningful relationship.

    So... the characters are too stereotypical? Again. Seriously, it's DISNEY. They spell out things that can be complicated in a simple way. Everyone's struggled with identity. You're a jock, you get your basketball scholarship, you kinda forget about the good stuff in your life.

    Cheesy? Of COURSE it's cheesy! They sing and dance and wear pastel colours and are always happy. Well, for the most part. But everyone needs some cheese once in a while.

  • Please stop brain washing the children of the Earth.

    This is really annoying. They make a second one of a movie that wasn't that great. In fact, the second one was worse. And they follow the same pattern they did before. Troy really has anger issues while he was skipping around the grass singing what ever song he was singing. I swear, this is one of the dumbest movies I've ever seen. The songs ans singing aren't that great. I mean, Kindergarteners at my cousin's schools are better at singing girl scout songs than the actors in High School Musical. Plus, why was it called High School Musical 2 when they weren't even in the High School for most of the time? Shouldn't it have been called country club musical? Sharpay acts meaner in this one except now the colours are too bright. And Miley Cyrus in it...dancing? That makes me want to gag.

    I swear this is worse than anything....seriously. Overall, I say High School Musical sucks....moreless
  • 4 words: What would Walt say?

    Walt Disney, if he could live to see this, would just...I don't know. But seriously, he'd hate it. I know that.

    This is not Disney at all. Miley Cirus--oooh! she makes a cameo!!--makes an appearance in the end, due to the majority of vote by poor kids who don't realize that they're watching garbage.

    High School Musical has got to end. This is not good. If you think this movie is torture, try having to do the song in the first movie for choir every year at school. Major pain in the butt!

    What's even more annoying is that a lot of the girls I know don't even know what Disney Channel used to be like. Back 20 years ago was the goodness. This--is crap.

    Parents, if you don't want your kids to be brainwashed, stay the heck away from this.

    Final TV Movie Grade: F----------------("-'s" continue infinitely)moreless

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