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Kenny Ortega
Disney’s made for TV movie, High School Musical, follows Troy, the popular high school basketball star, and Gabriella, a shy bookworm, who discover their shared passion for singing. When they both try out for the lead roles in East High’s school musical, it sends their peers into a tizzy. The “jocks” and the “brainiacs” hatch plots to keep Troy and Gabriella from sharing the stage in an attempt to restore order to the social cliques. Troy and Gabriella’s defiance of socially accepted norms inspires other students to step forward with their own hidden talents.

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    I don't care if they butthurt over my comments. This movie is awful! It's all about singing and dancing bullcrap that nobody gives a shit about. Disney, where the hell are Mickey and his friends? I don't see them anymore!
  • Whoever likes this crapfest has a bad taste in humor!

    Ever since Hannah Montana, Disney hasn't even been trying anymore! Out of all the terrible movies Disney has made these years, this one is the worst! I can't explain how overrated this movie is! They don't have talent one bit, and most people who like them hate good shows, I mean @nickel2006, you think ZIM and Emperor's New School are stupid, and you just like crappy teen sitcoms like these, Zoey 101, and (Even Worse) Jonas Brothers) Do even know what good shows are? Anyways the songs weren't that bad, but they were really annoying after a while, I know this is a musical, but you can't go 1 minute without hearing another freaking musical number! Not to mention its boring too! I almost fell aslep after going through this. Alright I feel like I've said enough since its almost midnight here!

    Don't waste your time, and stay away from these freaks! Overall Grade: (1.5/10) F-moreless
  • This Movie Stunk.

    This was about the worst movie ever. I couldnt take it. The guys in this movie all looked gay. The singing was really bad. I hear people talking about this all the time, saying its the best movie ever and all that crap. I have seen people with ring tones from songs in this movie and I hear people (*cough*girls*cough*)singing these songs all the time. Even my cousin (hes a boy who usually likes wrestling and fighting and violent stuff like that) said that this movie was the best movie ever. I dont understand what is so great about this movie. I am definitely not watching the sequel.moreless
  • Too overated!

    I not so into this but I loved most of the songs but the lines weren't as relateble as the song but I used to love this but i've lost interest in this over the years.
  • These TV Movies are complete garbage.

    OK,first of all i can say i never watched the movies but what i did see was the music videos on Disney Cinemagic(UK Channel) when i was waiting for something like Goof Troop DuckTales or House of Mouse to come on/come back on and they were complete garbage seriously,this is one of the worst TV movies in history sorry but i am not a huge fan of musicals but that is not only the reason why i hate this pile of crap the other reason is because it's just exactly like Hannah Montana except it is'nt a TV show and it's a TV movie and all of them sing not just Hannah Montana(aka Miley Cyrus)and i've heard that the album of this crap was the best selling album in the USA along with HM(Hannah Montana) this is just my opinion i'm not even gonna bother saying cancel this heap of rubbish cause loads of people are gonna flame me for it anyway but this is just my opinion and i won't change it the singing is annoying. Basically,it's the teens who love these TV movies the teen girls same with Hannah Montana they love that as well and that is a TV show though not all teen girls love garbage(no offence i don't hate you fans but i hate the program)some teen girls actually hate this crap the teen girls of today seem to love these retarded shows(nothing to offend you but it's the truth i'm not calling you retarded)the review might get deleted because some hardcore fan might report this to the mod and the mod'll delete it this is my opinion but seriously there are much better shows which don't have garbage in it like Ren and Stimpy(I know many teen girls hate it because they think it's disgusting) and Family Guy which has better comedy than these teen shows (even though this is not a show i requested to delete it but i guess TV.com also does TV movies).moreless
Bayli Baker

Bayli Baker

Cheerleader Dancer

Charles Klapow

Charles Klapow

Basketball Player Dancer

David Huff

David Huff

Basketball Player Dancer

Dutch Whitlock

Dutch Whitlock

Skater Dude

Jeesmano Lindenburgh

Jeesmano Lindenburgh

Kelsi Composer Girlio (uncredited)

Leslie Wing

Leslie Wing

Mrs. Bolton

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