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House is a 2008 horror film about a young couple on their way to counseling who get caught in a deadly fight between good and evil. Jack and Stephanie Singleton (played by Reynaldo Rosales and Heidi Dippold) are driving through the backwoods of Alabama when they run over some scrap metal that wrecks their car. With no transportation or means of communication, they're forced to spend the night at the nearby Wayside Inn. The gothic inn cuts a foreboding figure in the dark woods. The staff is eccentric but nice enough to the startled guests. Soon, though, things take a turn for the worse. The Tin Man, a mythical figure in the small town, locks everyone in the house and demands one of their dead bodies by sunrise. The terrified inhabitants will have to find a way to escape, or kill one of their own. Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Sin City) plays local Officer Lawdale, and veteran horror actress Leslie Easterbrook (Halloween, The Devil's Rejects) plays innkeeper Betty. House is based on the novel of the same name by authors Frank E. Peretti and Ted Dekker and is directed by Robby Henson.moreless
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Action & Adventure, Horror, Suspense