How High

Released 2001


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How High is a 2001 comedy movie by director Jesse Dylan, starring Method Man and Redman as its less than inspiring protagonists. Silas P. Silas (Method Man) and Jamal King (Redman) are two underachieving, pot smoking deadbeats who get unexpected results when they use the ashes of Silas’ friend Ivory (Chuck Davis) as fertilizer for a patch of marijuana. Whenever they smoke the specially fertilized pot, the ghost of Ivory appears—and he seems pretty smart. Ivory’s ghost helps the two pass their college entrance examinations with flying colors and soon they are being fought over by many universities. When Chancellor Huntley (Fred William) suggests they apply to the prestigious Harvard University, they agree. Once there, the two continue summoning Ivory’s ghost, by smoking the strange pot, in order to succeed. With these two goof balls, especially under the influence of illicit drugs, strange things are to be expected and the two do not fail to deliver. How High is rated R for pervasive drug use and language, as well as sexual dialogue.moreless
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Slapstick, African-American Comedy, Ladies Man, Stoners, Broke College Student