How Much Do You Love Me?

Released 2007


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Movie: How Much Do You Love Me?


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How Much Do You Love Me? is a 2005 romantic comedy starring Monica Belluci and Bernard Campan in a story about an aging man trapped in his own banal life who finds new hope in the arms of a beautiful young prostitute. Campan plays Francois, a predictable middle-aged man whose monotonous office job and recurring health problems have chipped away at his masculinity for years. He decides to spice things up with a potentially dangerous romantic ruse. He tells Daniella (Belluci), a drop dead gorgeous prostitute, that he's won millions of euros in the lottery and offers to pay her 100,000 euros a month if she'll move in with him. Daniella agrees, catapulting Francois into a steamy affair and enraging her former partner, Charly (Gerard Depardieu). As time passes, the consequences of Daniella discovering the truth about Francois' finances increases, as does Charly's determination to win her back. How Much Do You Love Me? is a fun off-beat comedy about one man trying to get his life back off track.moreless
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