How to Eat Fried Worms

Released 2006


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Bob Dolman
How to Eat Fried Worms tells the story of Billy (Luke Benward - "We Were Soldiers," "Because of Winn-Dixie"), an 11-year old who, on his first day at a new school, inadvertently challenges the town bully. To save face and earn the respect of his new classmates, Billy agrees to a bet -- whether he can eat 10 worms in 1 day -- that will determine his fate at the school. As the pressure mounts, he must summon heroic strength to keep his 5-year-old brother from blabbing, his weak stomach from betraying him, and his big mouth from getting him into more trouble than he's already in. Starring Golden Globe-nominee Tom Cavanaugh (TV's "Ed," "Bang Bang You're Dead"), Kimberly Williams-Paisley ("Father of the Bride I & II," "We Are Marshall"), James Rebhorn ("Scent of a Woman," "Baby Mama"), and Hallie Kate Eisenberg ("The Insider," "Bicentennial Man").

Metacritic Score

  • 75

    Entertainment Weekly

    Happily, after a cartoon opening-credits sequence that overdoes it on the barf, Worms goes light (but not too light) on the gore and the goo.

  • 60

    The New York Times Manohla Dargis

    Nicely directed, the film version proves refreshingly free of the customary blights that affect most modern children's movies, notably adult condescension. But, man, is it mean.

  • 50


    A decidedly old-fashioned family film that may prove too quaint for modern audiences.

  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    When I watch films like this, I am looking for three things. I hope to find some young talent, before anyone else knows who they are, a unique story, and a funny scene or two. Unfortunately, the story here is quite disgusting and there weren't any stand out performances, but there was a really funny scene, where the nerdy kid gets caught playing dance dance revolution. The story begins when a new kid named Billy (Luke Benward) moves to town. The other kids immediately try to intimidate him, by replacing his lunch with a bag of worms. To their surprise, in defiance, Billy eats the worms and gains their respect. One thing leads to another and eventually a very disgusting competition is born. The film is based on a very popular children's book and that's really who this film was intended for. Occasionally, you get some surprises out of a film like this, but as I said earlier, there really wasn't any stand out talent here. I didn't find any young actors/actresses that I could start following from the beginning of their career, but the kids weren't bad either. They seemed to have a lot of fun with the strange story and ultimately I think kids will probably really enjoy it. As for us adults, there really isn't anything here for us to watch and I may never eat gummy worms ever again.moreless
  • um.....

    I found it super weird. It was very disturbing.


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