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Mike Judge

Corporal Joe Bauers is average in every way. When he is asked to join a prostitute in a year-long hibernation experiment, he jumps at the chance to be of use. Unfortunately, the project is forgotten while they are slumbering and Joe and Maya accidentally awake 500 years in the future. As Joe begins to meet the people in this world, he realizes that society has lost a great deal of its intelligence. Most of the people he encounters are easily tricked and seem to have very low IQs. Joe is quickly arrested for not paying a hospital bill and is required to take an IQ test. Although he is easily able to outsmart the security officers at the jail to escape, Joe is tracked down by the President since his test proved that Joe is the smartest man alive. The President needs Joe's help to save society from food shortages, bad economy, and other problems. Will Joe be able to use his average intelligence to solve America's issues, or will their stupidity reign supreme?



Metacritic Score

  • 80

    Los Angeles Times Carina Chocano

    The plot, naturally, is silly and not exactly bound by logic. But it's Judge's gimlet-eyed knack for nightmarish extrapolation that makes Idiocracy a cathartic delight.

  • 70

    The Hollywood Reporter Sheri Linden

    Idiocracy, is often stingingly funny -- and an undeserving resident of the summer's-end movie dumping ground.

  • 60

    Variety Robert Koehler

    A satire for its time. What Judge is less sure of here than in his previous, perfectly pitched live-action comedy "Office Space," is how to build a complete movie around his key id...

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    • Production budget - $3,000,000
      Domestic gross - $444,093 (274th)

    • Filming locations:
      Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas
      Austin Studios, Texas
      Gary Job Corps Center, San Marcos, Texas

    • Taglines:
      1. The Future Is A No Brainer.
      2. In the future, intelligence is extinct.

    • Music:
      Trio Sonata No. 1 in G
      Written by Domenico Gallo
      Performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
      Whiskey and Rye
      Written by Steve Byrd
      Romantic Pieces, No. 1
      Written by Antonín Dvorák
      Performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
      Nuevos Tiempos
      Written by Anthony 'Citric' Campos, Rosalio Cruz and Jose Jimenez Jr.
      Performed by Pueblo Café
      Hoodoo Man
      Written by Amos Blakemore p/k/a Junior Wells
      Performed by Junior Wells with Buddy Guy
      Written by Bob Morris
      Performed by Buck Owens' Buckaroos
      Baby Come Back
      Written by Eddy Grant
      Performed by Desmond Dekker
      Hail to the Chief
      Written by James Sanderson
      Nitty Gritty
      Written and Performed by Doug Sahm
      Toda Mi Vida
      Written by Anthony 'Citric' Campos, Jose M. Lam, Rosalio Cruz and Jose Jimenez Jr.
      Performed by Pueblo Café
      Squadron Airborne
      Written by Bruce Campbell
      Star Spangled Banner
      Written by Francis Scott Key


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light science fiction, Dark Comedy, pop culture observations, social commentary, microscope to the world