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Released 2004


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Imagining Argentina is a 2003 romantic thriller released by Arenas Entertainment. Adapted from the prize-winning book by Lawrence Thornton, the tale starts in 1970s Buenos Aires, with rebel journalist Cecilia Rueda (Emma Thompson, Sense and Sensibility, Junior) abducted by the fascist junta to assemble with the rest of the 30,000 'Disappeared'. As her bereft theatre-owner husband Carlos (Antonio Banderas, Desperado, Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Femme Fatale, Shrek 2, Evita) searches in vain, he develops psychic powers, enabling him to witness what happened to his wife and her fellow detainees. Laying his hands on their relatives he glimpses horrifying images of torture, rape and death at the military's hands, galvanizing a traumatized public into mobilizing the government. In Thornton's magic-realist hands, Carlos's clairvoyance was a metaphor for the struggle against state repression, as he 'imagines' scenarios running counter to the official line: 'if you live in a nightmare, you have to re-imagine it.'moreless
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