In My Pocket

Released 2013


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Two very different men find that the separate paths they walk may lead to the same grim end in this cautionary drama from first time feature filmmaker David Lisle Johnson. Stephen Jameson (Gregory Smith) could have been on the road to becoming a successful surgeon if he'd only followed the plan his parents laid out for him. Instead, Stephen's endless search for cheap thrills has resulted in a serious drug addiction. When Stephen nearly dies from drugs and tells his parents that he's failing out of school, they send him to the Second Chances Drug Rehabilitation Center. There, famed rock star Rob Vills (Zack Ward) too is struggling with sobriety as his band Evil Twin prepares to head out on tour with a replacement guitarist. While Stephen and Rob may not realize it now, they both stand at an important crossroads in life: should they choose a life of sobriety they may have a second shot at their dreams, but should they choose to stick with the drugs they are likely to be swallowed up by the City of Angels, never to be heard from again.moreless
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