Independence Day

Century Fox / Centropolis Entertainment Released 1996





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  • I Love This Movie

    This is my favorite alien invasion movie and for good reason. These aliens are very threatening. Their mother ship is a quarter the size of Earth's moon, the smaller ships are 15 miles in diameter, and an army of space fighters. And all of them are protected by energy shields preventing any damage to them. A person watching this for the first time would wonder how Earth could possibly defeat such a deadly threat, especially when the 15 mile diameter ships use a weapon that decimate entire cities.

    In the end, they are able to defeat the aliens by uploading a computer virus in the mother ship. After that, the entire planet unites in a final attack against the aliens. A crowning moment came when one man sacrifices himself to destroy the city destroying weapon, thus destroying the ship itself.

    This is a great film to add to your movie collection.
  • Not too bad but a few "issues"...

    Like having an Air Force Captains wife an exotic dancer. Why not an astronomer? Sort of feeds into old fashioned sexist attitudes that sees woman as not intelligent. As it is I don't think the Air Force would be thrilled at the prospect of one of their investments having such a partner-and they are probably correct. The special effects in the film were good but I thought the aliens were a bit cliched-communicating via telepathy like some 1950's SF flick. Good scenes near the end and a classic scene early on in the film with people waking up to see a monolithic space ship hovering over their city. Could have been better, all in all.
  • About this film

    This had great visual effects.

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