Independence Day

Century Fox / Centropolis Entertainment Released 1996





Movie Summary

Independence Day, at one time the second highest grossing film of all time (bringing in nearly $817 million), tells the epic story of an alien invasion and a ragtag collection of humans that work to liberate the Earth. The film stars Will Smith as the suave American fighter pilot, Jeff Goldblum as the nerdy scientist, and Bill Pullman as the President of the United States and tells the tale of these individuals whose lives started out so different, but ultimately become extremely intertwined. On July 2, the world is invaded by an alien race. Though the citizens of Earth try to reach out to the aliens and make peace, the invaders ignore all the attempts and open up an all-out war. The humans, unable to punch through the aliens’ force fields, are routed for the first two days and forced to take to hiding. With the dawn of July 4, the humans employ new methods of counterattacking, culminating in an epic struggle to save Earth as they know it.moreless
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