Insidious: Chapter 2

Released 2013


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  • Strange but good horror film.

    I saw this in a smaller theatre in a smaller area and there was only me and three others at the show. That means there was about 400 empty seats-not unusual in todays world where nobody goes out unless they have to. Its gotten to be that kind of a situation. I thought the film was a well done movie with all kinds of scares in all the right places. It actually is a frightening film which is more than most horror films these days with their predictable 'buckets of blood' approach to filmmaking. It made me want to go out and buy the first one. Go see it-its a bit strange but its also kind of rewarding.
  • Scary movie!

    Watched it last night in cinema on the big screen,I had to ask my nephew to inform me about Insidious because I had kinda forgot about the first you watch Insidious 2 I recommend you do to some back up about the first one if you forgot about it and if you never have watched the first one,watch it first!It's a different story but during the movie they show scenes out of the first one,now my review :):It was a very scary movie!Great second part,they could make a third of the best paranormal movies i've seen in times,even beat The Conjuring.

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