Invisible Invaders / Journey to the Seventh Planet: Double Feature

Released 1959


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Invisible Invaders / Journey to the Seventh Planet: Double Feature

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Edward L. Cahn , Sidney W. Pink
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Invisible Invaders/Journey to the Seventh Planet: Double Feature is from 1959. Both films are directed by Edward Cahn and Sidney Pink. In the Invisible Invaders, Dr. Karol Noymann (John Carradine) is killed in his lab by an atomic explosion. While the government is very concerned, they cannot investigate due to the high, deadly radiation levels surrounding the area. Dr. Adam Penner (Phillip Tonge), is against nuclear energy and resigns from his post. An alien inhabits Noymann's body and pays Penner a late night visit. The alien explains to him that his race has been on earth for a long time, but with the dangers of nuclear power they feel humans are now too dangerous and they plan to take over the world. How will Penner explain that a race of invisible aliens plan to take over the world? How can humans fight an invisible race? In Journey to the Seventh Planet, it is the year 2001. Most of Earth's galaxy has been explored, but a team is sent to Uranus. Instead of finding the planet dark and cold, the crew finds an inviting atmosphere full of people from their past. The crew begins to realize that the planet they're experiencing is a facade. Who is masterminding this grand illusion, and why? This is a classic sci-fi double feature for a full night of fun.moreless

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