Is Dispensationalism Guilty of Replacement Theology?

Released 2011


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Tim Brown
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PLEASE NOTE: During the filming of this production, we were excited to have use of a new camera. Unfortunately, we had a few technical issues with sound and lightening which did not manifest until it came time to do the editing. Therefore, at certain angles Jerry Johnson appears red and David Lutzweiler's mic was off (although you can still hear everything he says). However, the content is very good. Instead of scraping the project we have decided to release it at an inexpensive price. God Bless, Production Department, NiceneCouncil.comDispensationalists often denounce historic Christianity's teaching that the Church is the continuation of Israel. They write it off as anti-Semitic "replacement theology." Dispensationalism contends that the Church and Israel are distinct bodies that God will keep separate even into eternity. They hold that the Church is the Church and Israel is Israel and never the twain shall meet. To confuse the two, they argue, is to replace a local, ethnically-distinct people (Israel) with a universal, ethnically-diverse people (the Church). They reject any merging of Israel and the Church as replacement theology calling it anti-biblical and immoral. In doing this they themselves impose a separation. They effectively separate their own peculiar and innovate theology from the orthodox theology of the historic Christian Church. From the teaching of the Apostles, through that of the Ante-Nicene, Nicene, Post-Nicene, and up through the Reformers and beyond, the historic Church has strongly held to the view that the Church is the continuation of Israel. It was only in the early part of the nineteenth century with the arising of dispensationalism that this view was rejected. In this presentation we will focus our attention on dispensationalism's loud complaint. We will engage the question of Israel's role in Scripture and her relationship to the Church of Jesus Christ in God's plan. And we will particulamoreless

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