Jet Li's Fearless

Released 2006


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Jet Li's Fearless is the 2006 action packed kung fu feature about the real chinese legend, starring the famous martial artist. Li plays Huo Yuanjia, a hot shot fighter who's skill and speed makes him an undefeated master in his village. His temper gets the best of him, when he picks a fight with another master in a restaurant. The great battle leaves him victorious, however, costs him his family in an act of revenge. When he finds out the entire conflict was based on a misunderstanding, Yuanjia leaves town on a quest to find peace and redemption. He soon comes across a quite farming village, where he meets a beautiful blind peasant girl. She teaches him to calm his eager and violent heart, and learn the ways of quiet peaceful life. Several years pass, and Yuanjia realizes he must return home with his new found awareness. He returns and creates a sports federation where martial arts could be taught for health and longevity - not violence. With its great success, the federation is asked to participate in a friendly international fighting exhibition where Yuanjia is asked to fight a British boxer, a Spanish swordsman, a Belgian soldier, and a Japanese karate master. All is well, until it gets deadly.moreless
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Martial Arts