Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board

Released 2007



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Brace yourself for more hilarious antics and intense action from Johnny Kapahala in this sequel to the popular Johnny Tsunami movie. Champion teen snowboarder Johnny heads back to Hawaii for his grandfather's wedding. But what he thought was going to be a vacation, turned into trouble.
  • Johnny Kapahala... wow.

    Johnny Kapahala is really cool. It was an awesome movie! It's a sequel of Johnny Tsunami. It was actually way, way better than the first movie,"Johnny Tsunami". The dirtboarding tricks were awesome. I love the movie a lot. And Brandon Baker and Jake T. Austin are the the 2007 Disney Channel games, which makes things more exciting! I really enjoyed the ending, when Johnny's grandpa and Chris' mom get married. And the weird thing is, Johnny gets an uncle named Chris who is 5 years younger than him... wow! I was so surprised at the ending. I actualy thought Johnny was going to throw Chris into the ocean. That would scare me. I think the movie is awesome! Don't bring it away!moreless
  • It was a good movie!

    Johnny and his family go back to Hawaii for Johnny's Grandpa's wedding. He meets Chris, his soon-to-be uncle. He is pretty much a 12 year old disaster! Johnny meets up with his old friend, Sam and meets new people like Val. He also meets the Dirt Devils, a dirt-boarding team. It's pretty much about Johnny trying to befriend Chris, showing the Dirt Devils what he's made of and getting to know his Grandpa and his fiance. Everything works out in the end as the Dirt Devils are no more because their leader, Troy, got arrested because he was in it for the money, not the love of dirt-boarding. Grandpa and his fiance get married and Chris turns out to be okay.

    I liked it, but it wasn't great. I hated Chris! He was so annoying! He was rude, disrespectful and rebellious. Also, the grandpa was way too old for his fiance. There's like a 25 year difference or something! Anyway, the story was pretty good and the boarding great! I give it an 8.0!moreless
  • Movie does not fit the tittle, it should be called "Johnny meets the little devil in Hawaii."

    The whole thing was basically a little bratty kid ruining everything, and even though it says Johnny is "Back on Board" it only had about 3-4 dirt boarding scenes, and really only 2-3 with him on it. The last one was the only real one. They pretty much didn't surf at all, just like half a minute at the end with his grandpa. The skating scene was probably the best. All I'm saying is they went too far with this kid thing, Johnny suddenly got good enough to beat the dirtdevil leader for the race, on one of the hardest courses, and he could hardly ride down a little grass hill. Not saying this story is dead, could make another one but ditch the family problems.moreless

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