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Jump In!

Released 2007


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Izzy Daniels has always wanted to be a boxer just like his father. When his friend Mary asks him to help out her double dutch team, he discovers a love of jumping rope but he must decide between Jump Roping or Boxing.
  • For the love of all that is orange, give it up already...

    Okay, honestly, enough with reusing of the same plot with slightly different settings. First, there was Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off. His dad coached the baseball team that he was on, but he wanted to cook. Then, there was High School Musical. His dad coached the basketball team, but he wanted to sing. Then, there was this... His dad trained him in boxing, he would rather be double dutching...

    Like I said, the same freakin' plot, different setting. As soon as one movie does well, a hundred others appear just like it that take over and suddenly kill the idea until it's so over used it's considered a joke. People really need to tap into their imagination and creativity instead of being blinded by greed...

    The only reason this didn't get a zero rating was because I enjoyed watching the double dutch scenes.moreless
  • Yes, I liked this film more than High School Musical. It was AMAZING!

    Along with Twitches Too and Minutemen, this is my favourite DCOM ever! I really want the DVD, as it's just fantastic. I only got to watch it about 5 or 6 times on TV, but I remember it all so well. Plus, it has two of my fav celebs: Keke Palmer and Corbin Bleu! It's also a very influential film, which tells people that everyone's different and likes other things. It reminds me of my days in Primary school. I'd not usually play football with the others in my class. Instead, I'd go sit on a bench somewhere and just sing to myself so no one else could hear me. Jump In is about a boy, Izzy Daniels, who is almost a boxing champ, but when his friends lose one of their members of their jump rope team, Izzy fills in, and ends up loving it. When people find out, he's teased lots, and his dad isn't happy he's misssing practice for double dutch jump rope practice. He ends up going to their competition, getting 2nd (I think) and winning the following year. Rodney (or whatever his name is) the school bully finally sees sense, and congratulates him, and of course it's a nice happy ending. It's got great songs too, and a film for all of the family to enjoy.

    Grade: A+

  • Wonderful movie for the whole family to watch

    this is a pretty good disney movies. kinda happy to see corbin having a lead role. he is wonderfully talented in everything: Singing, dancing, boxing and who knew: skipping!

    i wont say the plot cos im sure many of you have seen it. anyway, i like this movie cos mostly, the acting was done fabulously well. the double dutch thing was pretty much the awesomest thing i have ever seen! It was so cool when corbin jumped into the air and started jumping ropes. it was.... AWESOME!

    the morals were great. i just loved it when that boxing girl said 'thats their problem'. this sounds really corny, but it really helped me and im sure it has helped many are people too.

    Fantastic movie!moreless
  • Izzy Daniels has always wanted to be a boxer just like his father. When his friend Mary asks him to help out her double dutch team, he discovers a love of jumping rope but he must decide between Jump Roping or Boxing.moreless

    When I first heard about this new Disney Channel that was going to air on television, I was very interested. And when it finally aired and I watched it I became in love with it. I loved everything about this movie from the setting down to the every single character. To any kids or teenagers who watch Disney Channel, I suggest you watch this movie because it is that good. I am glad I was able to watch this Disney Channel's movie because it's great for almost anyone under the age of about fourteen. To Disney Channel, keep making these great movie.moreless
  • It's good

    This is an okay DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie). It's about a young boxer named Izzy Daniels (played by Corbin Bleu), who tries to follow in his father's footsteps, and become a pro. However, his neighbor, Mary (Keke Palmer), asks him to substitute for a member in a Double Dutch tournament. Izzy discovers his hidden talent for jump-rope, as well as having to deal with this bully named Rodney Tyler. After having beaten him in a boxing match, Rodney is demanding a rematch from Izzy, but he is too busy with Double Dutch. This is a good installment for a Disney Movie. I originally thought it was about wrestling.moreless

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