Just Like Us

Released 2011


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Just Like Us documents four countries of the Middle East, showcasing the cultures of Dubai, Lebanon, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Egypt with sold out crowds totaling over 20,000 people. This perspective reveals a modern generation coming of age through a celebration of culture through comedy. The art of stand-up comedy is very new to the Middle East and older generations did not have the opportunity to appreciate this creative platform. However, through the current Internet age stand-up comedy has flourished in the Arab region over the past few years. Comedian Ahmed Ahmed laid a foundation for comedy in the Middle East and took the world by surprise with his honest and unyielding commentary on what it's like being an Arab living in America. Contemporary stand-up comedy quickly rooted itself in the region and demand for it grew. Ahmed Ahmed continues to be an ambassador by visiting the region, and with this documentary he travels with a host of critically acclaimed international stand-up comedians. Presented by Cross Cultural Entertainment and Cross Cultural Productions, Just Like Us exemplifies their goal of reintroducing socially relevant issues to the world in an effort to build cultural bridges in this age of greater tolerance, understanding and acceptance. As the journey through the Middle East celebrates comedy, the cultures of the countries, both similar and different, are celebrated as well. Each country, and each culture, has a desire to be understood on the global stage and to share in the borderless, common language of the world - laughter. History is made on screen as men and women celebrate laughter together, and a younger generation of Arab comedians take the stage for the first time.moreless
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