Justice League: Doom

Warner Brothers Released 2012


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Lauren Montgomery

This epic tale of heroism and betrayal details the vile plot of villain Vandal Savage, who discovers Batman's contingency plan to defeat the Justice League should any of them go rogue. Savage steals Batman's plans and recruits a team of villains to implement them against the Justice League. One by one the League is taken down, while Savage initiates his plan to wipe out half of Earth's population and conquer the rest.


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  • One of the better animated films

    JL: Crisis on Two Earths was one of my favs before seeing this. It is almost like the continuation of the show before it was prematurely canned. I liked star saphire's costume :) Cheetah's redesign here wasn't too bad either, also not sure if they made her more deadlier or they scaled wonder woman down to make that fight more fair as cheetah never seemed that much of a threat before. What i would've preferred was when each member of the jla got attacked, they wouldn't keep switching bw each of them every 1min or such. Just focus on one at a time. Just a little nitpick. It was sad at the end seeing Batman leaving the team, but at least it's good to see Superman has his back.moreless
  • This Movie was Fairly Good and Roughly Bad in my Point of View

    The movie was very closed off to me a little like i was hopping to see Superman Get into a hard fist and fist fight with a destructive villain this movie was rather short and disappointing to i'd rater watch justice league frontier and i did like the flash but he would've been better if it was wally west playing simply because he was way more humorous than Barry Allen but overall i gave this move a 7 because it wasn't as long as i thought would be and it was night time 90% of the movie and plus batman's height he was shorter than super when i always believe was taller or roughly the same height as clark but i can't argue the movie was good i'd give it a rough 3 and a half starsmoreless

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