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Released 2008


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Movie: Kathmandu, Nepal Adventures


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Kathmandu, Nepal, is the historic center of Nepal and the place where kingdoms rose and fell, palaces and temples were built and rebuilt and Nepalese art and culture were developed and refined. I traveled there September 2000 with a small group of adventure travelers led by Max Holland, owner of the Middle Path Tour company. This video captures some of the scenery, events, and people I saw in my travels to this fascinating valley of timeless beauty. Our first stop was the Swayambhunath Buddhist stupa (the famed "monkey temple"), which is located on a hill overlooking Kathmandu. I filmed the monkeys on the way up the stairs as well as the guide's description of the stupa. Later that night we were entertained by Nepalese dancers. During our visit to the Pashupatinath (Nepal's most sacred Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva) and its cremation ghats, we were witness to several cremations and were entertained by a whole group of "holy men" or sadus who seemed to feed off the tourists donations as much as anything. The workers in Patan were cleaning out one of the courtyards in preparation for the upcoming animal sacrifices that would begin at the following morning. In Bhaktapur, we found this city-state near Kathmandu was probably the best preserved of all. When you see my video of these buildings, you may recall that you have seen portions of them in some of the popular movies featuring Tibet. Our visit to the Barkhor in Kathmandu provided us with a sensual feast of sights, sounds, and smells. The video was unable to reproduce the smells, but I am sure that you will feel like you are along with us for the ride in the bicycle rickshaw as we bounce along back to our hotel. This video is 47 minutes long. I filmed it September 2000. For more travel pictures go to www.huntforgold.homestead.com. For more about Room to Read and site visit opportunities with them, go to www.roomtoread.org.moreless
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