Kim Possible: So the Drama

Released 2005


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Kim and gang join forces to stop Dr. Drakken's evil plan of global domination in this full-length Disney movie. It's a must-see for any Kim Possible aficionados.
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    Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were bestfriends since pre-school. Dr. Drakken and Shego planned of conquering the world through the little Diablos and getting through Kim Possible's mind and eventually finding her ultimate weakness, boys and dating.

    Dr. Drakken stolen the Hephaestus project and Nakasumi's design and being the new manager of Bueno Nacho.

    Ron Stoppable was one who noticed that there's evil in the new management of Bueno Nacho. Freaking out about the bendy straws and the little diablos that should be a must-have for kids and "ruined his life" because it's his hang-out place. It was good that Disney continued to Season 4 but not enough. Kim wears the battle suit but still experimental and should have season 4 to show that it is already functionalmoreless
  • One twisted movie that’s for sure. KP is a high school teenager after all; all those teenager drama still exists, even for a super teen hero. “Oh, all those boys dating are hard, but this (punching) is much easier.” The most touching episode so far.moreless

    Before read this I strongly recommand you watch the movie, otherwise, you may have absolute no idea what I'm talking about. So, please, and enjoy this review.

    Things kicked off with Kim does what she is best at: saving people and kicking some serious bad violin backside. By saving the famous Toy maker XXX, “whose name happened to escaped me”, “That’s where all evil started”. Then, she ran into the usual Bonnie situation--the high school drama. And this time, Bonnie did manage get into her, Kim started to worry about how’s dating for the prom, "who do I share with even if I saved the whole world?" “so Bonnie and Brick got back again, and she was like all excited, the food chain, the prom, the dance, and all I get left is Ron!” according to Kim.

    All of sudden, there is a very nice young man showed up in Kim’s life—Eric. And with Eric’s appearance, the Eric situation totally cracked Ron’s life. "We’re the best friends, we share secrets, and she meant everything that is on my mind" that lyrics totally rise the sadness in that movie, honestly even I got depressed for a while, it just…so sad. When Ron sitting on the seesaw, scream tho the microphone, walked towards Kim and saw Eric behind her locker, ride his scooter slowly wave at Kim when she passed with Eric 1 mins ago, sitting in Bueno Nacho and watching Kim and Eric…oh man, that stuff really really sad, you don’t see that kind of sadness everyday in KP’s life. The prom night, “Kim, there is a very handsome young man here for you” said Dr. Possible, when Kim walked down the stair, that was some beautiful music, and again, when Dr. P looked at the picture of Ron and Kim, I felt sorrow again full filled my heart :P.

    That was actually first time, Kim didn't be able to find out what's Dr. Drakken plan. After Ron found out Dr. Drakken’s evil plot, he went for Kim again, and although kim was kind faking when she said she believes Ron, but soon, she realized the seriousness of the situation, “dumped” Eric, took off with her Ron. After all the fighting, Kim realized that “Eric a fake” “known as synthodrone 901”, and Rom was like “yea, don’t get any fake than a synthodrone!” 2 second later, he realized “ill~! You kissed a synthodrone” and Kim said, “no I did not, but I wanted tho”, “ok too much info”. In the end, with “out there, in here” four simply words, Ron turned over anything, he gain back Kim’s “standing by your Ron”.

    “Finally, it happened, Kim is dating that loser Ron”, I personally don’t think Ron is a Loser, he believed Kim, with his “wrong! Very Big! I can always count on you!”, time reveals the true heart. In the end, as a reward of loyal friend, Ron learned his first deep kiss, with KP. Outside the school, starts are shinier than usual.moreless
  • This movie totally changed the show, for the better!

    Wow. This movie was soooooo a thousand times better than "A Sitch In Time". It was defintely a drama, but it was still Disney, So it was still fun. The first time I ever saw it, I actually thought that Drakken would win. Well, he probally would have in real-life, but this is Disney, so the good guy ALWAYS wins. I felt bad for Ron!! :-(! Over the seasons, I actually NEVER thought of a KP/RS relationship. But now that I saw this movie, the idea just hit me. And I dont think Im alone. 5 thumbs up for this movie. I actually started watching the series again. Love the show, keep up the good work disney!!!!moreless
  • I didn't like the show until this movie.

    This movie started my liking of the show and I especially love that Kim and Ron are now dating and I'am also glad that they made a season 4. This movie was the best disney movie I have ever seen. I wish it would have been longer which is why I gave it a 9.4 because it was close to perfect but it was too short. I still loved this movie and I hope Kim and Ron are together forever. I love the idea of Kim and Ron together and now that there is a season 4 I can enjoy more of Kim and Ron together. KPRSFRVRmoreless

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