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Labyrinth is a fantasy film from 1986 that was written by Dennis Lee, Jim Henson, Terry Jones, and Elaine May and directed by Jim Henson. The film focuses on Sarah Williams (Jennifer Connelly), a teenage girl who resents her step-mother and baby brother, Toby (Toby Froud). When Sarah is forced to baby-sit while her step-mother and father go on a date, she finds out that Toby has her stuffed teddy bear and verbally wishes that the goblins would take her baby brother away from her. When Jareth (David Bowie), the King of Goblins, comes to tell Sarah that he has granted her wish, she realizes that she has made a grave mistake. Now, she has to complete Jareth's labyrinth within thirteen hours to win back her brother. This maze is filled with extraordinary creatures, mostly portrayed by puppets in the film, and many surprises, and Sarah struggles to make it to the end before Jareth's time limit runs out. Labyrinth was produced by Henson Associates and Lucasfilm, and it was the last feature length movie Jim Henson directed before he died in 1990.moreless
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