L'amante Perduto

Released 1999


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Movie: L'amante Perduto


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The Lost Lover, inspired by Abraham Yehoshua's masterpiece novel, tells the story of a troubled love between Adam and his wife Asya. It is a frozen love, made so by a deep sorrow, started with the death in a car accident of their four year old son. It is also the story of their sleepless teenage daughter Dafi, who observes them with keen eyes, trying to figure out what is going on with her family and why her mother seems so absent. One day a stranger turns up, Gabriel, a young Israeli just arrived from Paris. Touched by Gabriel's youth and vulnerability, Asya rediscovers love and comes to life again. It is also the story of a young Arab mechanic, Na Im, who takes a bus every day to Tel Aviv to go to work in Adam's garage, and when by chance he gets to know Dafi, a passionate love between them overcomes their fears.moreless
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