Legends of the Fall

TriStar Pictures, Bedford Falls Productions and Pangaea Released 1994


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Legends of the Fall is the 1994 Oscar winning drama, directed by Edward Zwick and starring Hollywood heavy-hitter Brad Pitt, now available on Crackle.com. Pitt plays Tristan Ludlow, the wildest of three brothers growing up in the Rocky Mountains of Montana in the early 20th century. This story of love and betrayal had critics raving and was one of the driving forces behind a then young Brad Pitt's stardom. After being discharged from fighting the Indian war, Colonel Ludlow (Sir Anthony Hopkins) leaves the civilization he despises and decides to raise his sons in the wilderness of Montana. The three brothers grow unbreakabley close , until a beautiful woman named Susanna (Julia Ormond) turns everything upside down. Susanna is youngest brother Samuel's (Henry Thomas) fiance, that he brings home from college. Very Soon, oldest brother Alfred (Aidan Quinn) falls in love with her, despite her being betrothed to Samuel. The brothers' bond breaks further when it is revealed that Susanna is in love with Tristan. The brothers' once sacred bond is destroyed as they deploy to fight in the first World War in Europe.moreless
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