Let it Shine

Released 2012


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  • I see what they did there :)

    The movie is fantastic but they need more work, try making Let it shine 2
  • Just, No.

    Okay, this is one of those movies where the kid wants to do something, but the dad wants him to do something else (Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off, High School Musical, and so on). I liked the Rhymes, but not the song itself. The auto tune for "Don't Run Away" was annoying a'f (Well at least I thought so). I liked the message that the movie was trying to give, but most rap songs these days are about money, pussy, and weed. It's going to be hard to find songs that are about real life problems. I like Roxanne's voice. The first song she did in the movie made her look like she was trying to be Nicki Minaj. I'm sure she wasn't trying to seem that way, but whatever. The only difference was that Coco Jones has talent and Nicki doesn't (maybe a little, but still, her songs suck). I don't get how they must've mixed up Cyrus and Chris from the photo. They just saw the photo and they immediately thought it was Chris. If I was the one looking at the photo, I would've been like don't know who's the one who made the song in this picture. Maybe I should give this person a call and find out" but no, she just assumes that Chris is Truth. Anyway, the plot in this movie just seems so unrealistic. I'm going to be nice and give it a 2.
  • WOW......

    When i looked up let it shine, it said 0 user ratings and i was about to let it stay at 0 cuz thats wat it deserves. but i put a 1

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