Lethal Weapon 2

Warner Bros. / Silver Pictures Released 1989




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Richard Donner

L.A.P.D. Detective Sergeants Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs begin the film in hot pursuit of a suspect, speeding his truck through the L.A. streets. They find the trunk is full of Krugerrands. They begin to investigate the odd treasure, when they get a visit from the head of security for the South African consulate, Pieter Vorstedt. He explains diplomatic immunity prevents them from making an arrest and warns them to leave the case alone. Instead, the partners gets shackled with mile-a-minute talker Leo Getz, a federal witness that needs protection. Of course, the partners continue to investigate, bringing along the endlessly irritating Leo, who happily joins the team. Meanwhile Riggs manages to charm Rika van den Haas, a consulate secretary. He begins a romance and gets some inside information at the same time.


Metacritic Score

  • 88

    Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert

    Lethal Weapon 2 is that rarity - a sequel with most of the same qualities as the original. I walked into the movie with a certain dread. But this is a film with the same off-center...

  • 80

    The New York Times

    Before it skids out of control in the final sequence, the film is so careful to preserve its successful comic-action formula that it follows the most basic law of sequels. If you l...

  • 80


    Loaded with the usual elements, Lethal Weapon 2 benefits from a consistency of tone that was lacking in the first film. This time, screenwriter Jeffrey Boam and director Richard Do...

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    • Riggs : (Riggs and Murtaugh are sitting in the Captain's office, Riggs is smoking. They both are told that their next assignment will be babysitting a witness) What are we supposed to do with this guy?
      Captain Murphy: How the hell should I know? Take him to Disneyland.
      Riggs: Oh, this stinks. This stinks.
      Captain Murphy: I don't give a f***, Riggs. That's why I don't have an ulcer, because I know when to say I don't give a f***. Here's where he's staying. It's a nice hotel. All the expenses are being picked up by the justice department, so just enjoy yourself. And Riggs, one more thing.
      Riggs: What?
      Captain Murphy: (the captain throws a no smoking sign at Riggs) You know what that says?
      Riggs: Yeah, yeah, same thing as that. (points to another no smoking sign on the door) But I don't give a f***.

    • Murtaugh: (Murtaugh's oldest daughter has just starred in her first commercial... for condoms. All of Murtaugh's police colleages know about it.) Wait and see. Cops never let up, you know? I'll have rubbers on my desk, rubbers in the mail, rubbers in the coffee, rubbers, rubbers, rubbers. If you'd have only kept your mouth shut. But oh, you had to tell everybody. I'm going for a walk.
      Riggs: Well, give the boys some credit. You know, in one ear, out the rubber.

    • Riggs: (Riggs is sitting on the beach outside his trailer with his dog, Sam.) Look around you, Sam. Look around you. One day, Sam... hey, this'll all be yours. Yeah, find a nice bitch, raise a couple of pups. A man could live here and be happy, huh. Hey, did anyone tell you if you sit on the cold rocks too long, you'll get piles?

    • Leo: [knock knock] Who is it?
      Riggs: Police. Open up.
      Leo: How do I know it's the police?
      Riggs: After I shoot you through the door, you can examine the bullet. Open up.

    • Leo: You're a courier. You work for him.
      Riggs: I'm the drug dealer.
      Leo: Right. I deposit the cash into the account of a dummy finance company. Now. Then I issue you a cashier's check in his name... [points to Riggs] minus a small commission for myself.
      Murtaugh: How much?
      Leo: Two percent standard.
      Murtaugh: Not bad, Leo. Pretty prosperous.
      Leo: So, you give it back to me as collateral on a loan that I make to you. But you don't pay back the loan. You keep the money.
      Murtaugh: How's that work?
      Leo: How's what? That's it! Don't you get it? It's your money. You don't pay it back. It's yours, and it's clean. It is now laundered. You cops aren't too bright, are you? Okay, okay-okay-okay. This is the best part. You got it? You take a tax deduction... on interest payments that you don't even make. Am I an innovator? Am I a genius?
      Riggs: You're a swindler.

    • Riggs: (regarding a drug dealers house) Can you take us there?
      Murtaugh: Hold it, we're just supposed to sit on this guy.
      Riggs: It's not gonna do any harm to look.
      Leo: Okay-okay-okay. I know the address.
      Riggs: Come on, let's go, Rog.
      Murtaugh: No, we shouldn't.
      Riggs: Let's go, let's go. Come on, Rog, don't be a killjoy. Come on, we're back, we're bad, you're black, I'm mad, come on.

    • Riggs: I'll make a deal with you Arjen. Or is it Aryan? Whatever the f*** your name is. I'll make a little deal with you. You fold up your tents, and get the f*** out of my country... and I won't do anything to you. I'll leave you alone. If you stick around here, I'm gonna **** your ***. Then I'll send you home with your balls in a sling. You got that?

    • Riggs: Who the hell are you?
      Vorstedt: I'm the guy that changed the course of your life, man. Four years ago, Riggs... when you was a narc down at Long Beach... you were getting too close to us. So, we put a contract out on you. I handled it myself. Drove your car right off the f****** road, remember? Nah, cause you weren't driving, were you? You can't imagine the surprise. I pulled back this matted mop of blood-soaked hair to see this woman's face. Your wife, right?

    • Riggs: (Riggs and Murtaugh stumble into a storage locker) Holy s***! Fort Knox.
      Murtaugh: Hell, how much is it? Thousands. F****** millions! Billions! A f****** Donald Trump lotto! Look at this. These are thousand-dollar bills. With what I'm holding in my hand I could put all three of my kids through college.
      Riggs: Why don't you take it?
      Murtaugh: F****** drug money.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Production Budget - $25,000,000
      Domestic Gross - $147,253,986 (3rd)
      Worldwide Gross - $227,853,986 (6th)

      Domestic Adjusted for 2013 - $302,668,143
      Worldwide Adjusted for 2013 - $468,334,641

    • Filming locations:
      2nd Street Tunnel between Hill and Figueroa, Los Angeles, California
      Beverly Hills, California
      Century City, Los Angeles, California
      Columbia/Warner Bros. Ranch, Burbank, California
      Marriott Hotel, Culver City, California
      Mulholland Drive, Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California
      San Pedro, Los Angeles, California
      Santa Clarita, California
      Warner Brothers Burbank Studios, Burbank, California
      Valencia, California
      Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites, Downtown, Los Angeles, California

    • A director's cut runs 4 minutes longer.

    • Tagline:
      The magic is back!

    • Music:
      Cheer Down
      Performed by George Harrison
      Music by George Harrison
      Lyrics by George Harrison and Tom Petty
      Still Cruisin' (After All These Years)
      Performed by The Beach Boys
      Written by Mike Love and Terry Melcher
      I'm Not Scared
      Performed by Eighth Wonder
      Written by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe
      Since I Don't Have You
      Performed by The Skyliners
      Written by Joseph Rock, James Beaumont and The Skyliners
      This I Swear
      Performed by The Skyliners
      Written by Joseph Rock, James Beaumont and The Skyliners
      Lonely Way
      Performed by The Skyliners
      Written by Joseph Rock, James Beaumont and The Skyliners
      How Much
      Performed by The Skyliners
      Written by Joseph Rock, James Beaumont and The Skyliners
      Believe Me
      Performed by The Skyliners
      Written by Richard Barrett
      Knockin' On Heaven's Door
      Performed by Eric Clapton, Randy Crawford and David Sanborn
      Written by Bob Dylan

    • Academy Award Nominations:
      1. Sound Editing


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