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Richard Donner

LAPD Sergeants Martin Riggs, Roger Murtaugh and Detective Lee Butters are investigating a Chinese immigrant smuggling ring. They are given the name of a crime boss named Benny Chan. When they go to Chinatown in search of Benny, the three men come in contact with Triad Negotiator Wah Sing Ku. Martin and Roger suspect Benny Chan of being behind the smuggling ring, so they hire Leo Gatz to follow Benny around. What they find out leads to more questions. Meanwhile, Lorna Riggs is pregnant with Martin's baby and Martin is debating on whether or not to marry her.


Metacritic Score

  • 80

    The New York Times Elvis Mitchell

    The characters remain funny and likable, and they all live on Earth.

  • 80


    The quintessence of the buddy cop pic, "LW4" is big on action, playful banter and just enough plot to keep our attention from wandering.

  • 0

    Los Angeles Times Kenneth Turan

    The result is a calculated, cynical piece of business that epitomizes the creative bankruptcy and contempt for the audience that infects so much of the blockbuster side of Hollywood.

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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Murtaugh: What do we do now?
      Riggs : Run him over.
      Murtaugh: What if he turns around and shoots us with that assault rifle.
      Riggs: Well, he hasn't yet, have you thought about that? Maybe he won't.
      Murtaugh: What if he does?
      Riggs: Don't be a Don't-Bee. Be a Do-Bee. Come on, Rog, be positive.

    • Leo: Okay, you did say "aft"?
      Murtaugh: A-F-T. Aft!
      Leo: That's a f****** word?
      Murtaugh: In the back of the cabin on the right side. Leo!
      Leo: Well, why didn't you just say that to begin with, Roger?! I love these people who get around boats and water, all of a sudden things become f****** nautical! "Astern! Avast, you landlubbers! Man the bilge pump!" Pump your f****** A**!

    • Riggs: Butters, it eh, seems like you hate crime in a sort of personal way. If you don't mind me saying so.
      Butters: Why do you say that, sir?
      Riggs: It's just that last night I noticed you were, well, let's say more than slightly miffed. Didn't he, Roger?
      Murtaugh: Yeah, yeah.
      Riggs: Any particular reason?
      Butters: About 150,000 of them. That's how many bullets were zinging around my neighborhood growing up. Couldn't go outside. Couldn't go near a window. Lived on the floor, ate on the floor, slept on the floor, watched TV on the floor. I didn't learn how to walk till I was 10 years old. Spent most of my formative years nose-to-nose with the family beagle. You know, when I'm working on a crime, I ain't thinking about the crime. I'm just thinking about that goddamned floor, and that pisses me off.

    • Butters: The guy you chased in Chinatown?
      Riggs: Yeah?
      Butters: The gun he dropped matched slugs on the bodies on the boat. That's your shooter.
      Riggs: Son of a bitch that got away from me.
      Butters: He didn't get too far. They found him on a rooftop nearby, strangled. And get this. Pigeons ate his eyeballs.

    • Benny Chan: Have something to eat. Give you the police discount.
      Riggs: Flied lice?
      Benny Chan: Flied Lice? It's fried rice, you plick!

    • Leo: Hey, Riggs, who's the perp? What'd you bust him for?
      Butters: Oh, I'm a perp? Oh, you see a young brother in the back of a police car, automatically I'm a perp! Look at my suit! Look at my tie! What do I look like, the f****** Crip's accountant? Look at this badge, bitch. Check out the gun.
      Leo: Okay, okay, hey-hey, okay. Put the gun down. Put the gun down.
      Butters: License, registration, urine sample.
      Leo: Hey, I got a badge too, okay. Hey, German jews didn't have it any easier when we were kids. So don't think you're the only one, okay.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Production Budget - $100,000,000
      Domestic Gross - $130,000,000 (11th)
      Worldwide Gross - $285,444,603 (10th)

      Domestic Adjusted for 2013 - $226,183369
      Worldwide Adjusted for 2013 - $496,637,092

    • Other Production Companies:
      Donner / Shuler-Donner Productions

    • Filming locations:
      Burbank, California
      Carson, California
      Downtown, Los Angeles, California
      I-215, Las Vegas, Nevada
      Las Vegas, Nevada
      Long Beach Harbor, Long Beach, California
      Long Beach Naval Shipyard, Long Beach, California
      Long Beach, California
      Malibu, California
      Orange, California
      Chinatown, Los Angeles, California
      Pecos Road, Las Vegas, Nevada
      San Diego, California
      Warner Brothers Burbank Studios, Burbank, California
      Vincent Thomas Bridge, San Pedro, Los Angeles, California
      Windmill Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada

    • Taglines:
      1. The Gang's All Here.
      2. Next summer is lethal.
      3. With 4 you get Kung Fu.
      4. The faces you love. The action you expect.

    • Music:
      Fire in the Hole
      Written by Van Halen
      Performed by Van Halen
      Written and Produced by Eric Clapton and Simon Climie
      Performed by Eric Clapton
      Why Can't We Be Friends
      Written by Thomas Allen, Harold R. Brown, Morris D. Dickerson, Lonnie Jordan, Charles Miller, Lee Oskar, Howard E. Scott and Jerry Goldstein
      Performed by War
      Written and Performed by John Fogerty
      Jaws Theme
      by John Williams


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