Life is Ruff

Released 2005


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Calvin Wheeler is a 13-year-old comic book fanatic, he loves Gotham Man, and is one issue short of complete comic bliss. The rare issue he seeks is major bucks, but when he finds out how much he can win if he finds a canine companion good enough to win the top prize, he knows what he has to do. Calvin finds a dog, named Tyco, at a shelter that he's prepared to make a winner, but in the process finds there's something more valuable in his experience than money. Calvin, along with his friends Emily and Raymond, work to achive their goals; but, along the way, trouble hits. It's a rocky road for Calvin. Will he reach his goal?
  • Love this movie.

    This movie is really cool and great and like to watch it. Calvin Wealer is played by Kyle Massey a talented actor and his friend Figg who is played by Michel Musso and they try to win money and raise a dog and buy the comic book that Calvin always wanted. The movie was great and the best part was the end how Calvin won the dog show and by winnig he did cool skateboard tricks. At the really end of the movie Calvin gave up his money by saving the animal shelter and instead of buying the comic book issue.moreless
  • An insperational great plot and storylined movie!!!

    Calvin and his dog Tyco compete in a dog race so that Calvin can win enough big bucks to buy his beloved Gothmen comics!!! But he get into a snag; a coupls claims the dog is theirs. Can Calvin get Tyco back in time to compete in the dog show????? Let's hope so for his and his dogs sake!! (and if he want to get those comics!!!!)
  • I loved this movie!!! Life is Ruff is a clasic!!!

    I think it's nice how Calvin and his friends and Tyco, the dog, work together and learn new things. Hey, they might even learn a few tricks along the way........ and the occasional jump along the bumpy road. After all, they are entering a dog show. So grab your dog treats and watch the show.
  • this hsow 9is really funny

    i think this is a brilliant show it is really funny and the dog Tiko is cool i think the dog show is kinda good and funny aswell when Tiko bashes everything over is funny.

    When Covlin falls in water is ufnny to when he rides on his skateboard with Tiko dragging him and when hes in water and goes under water 5 secands.
  • It's about a bot, Calvin, who loves Gothomen, and will do anything to get the very 1st issue. He addopts a dog, enters a dog show, and after a lot of hard ships, wins!moreless

    This movie features the stars Kyle Massey, Kay Panabaker, and Mitchel Musso. It's an intresting take on how a boy and his dog develop. Calvin has to go through huge obsticles to reach his goal: the first issue of Gotheman. If you love a good story about a boy and his dog, this show is for you.

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