Little Nicky

New Line Cinema Released 2000


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Steven Brill

Little Nicky (2000) is the devilishly hilarious comedy written by and starring legendary funnyman Adam Sandler, and is now available on Netflix. In the underworld of Hell, Nicky (Sandler) has a certain sunny disposition that troubles his father â�� the Devil (Harvey Keitel). The time for Satan to name one of his three sons as his successor. Nicky's two brothers Adrian (Rhys Ifans) and Cassius (Tommy Lister) are anxiously awaiting the decision of the dark prince, while tormenting their dorky disfigured and tame little brother. When they learn that their father plans on ruling for another millennium, the two brothers go up to earth and reign havoc to the world of men. But when their actions freeze the gateway to hell and cause their father to slowly fall to pieces (literally), it is up to little Nicky to stand up to his brothers, bring them back to hell, and save the world from a the apocalypse. His journey leads him to discover amazing things about humanity â�� friendship, music, Popeye's chicken, and love.



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Metacritic Score

  • 80

    Variety Robert Koehler

    Sandler turns the joke around on his detractors and manages to lead a devilishly energetic vehicle that contains about as many laughs as his previous features combined.

  • 60

    The New York Times Dana Stevens

    It's a clever idea bogged down in sophomoric sloppiness. Sitting through it doesn't feel like eternal damnation, but it's not exactly heaven, either. It's a $9.50 tour of adolescen...

  • 60

    Los Angeles Times Kenneth Turan

    The kindest thing that can be said about Sandler's sense of humor is that it's unapologetically juvenile.

  • An incredible cast and tremendous funny as HELL :-)

    I despise virtually EVERY Adam Sandler movie BUT I LOVE "LITTLE NICKY". Sandler has written an amazingly funny and interesting plot for this movie! I have a feeling that if you dislike Little Nicky you probably despise RELIGULOUS!!! Well obviously if you are a devout fairy tale on Sunday believer you won't like either of these movies. This movies cast had more famous and funny people than ANY movie EXCEPT MAD,MAD,MAD,MAD WORLD!!! Watch it if you are not a religious fanatic OR if you are and are intelligent enough to enjoy extreme humor making fun of your beliefs! Thank you Mr Sandler for a breakthrough movie!moreless

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