Little Shop of Horrors

Released 1986


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Movie: Little Shop of Horrors


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Nominated for two Academy Awards, it's the hit comedy/musical where all sorts of odd things happen in a Skid Row flower shop because of a most unusual plant. Starring Rick Moranis ("Honey, I Shrunk the Kids," "The Flintstones") and Emmy Award-winner Vincent Gardenia ("Moonstruck"), and featuring special appearances by comic luminaries John Candy, Jim Belushi and Christopher Guest. Steve Martin has a scene-stealing cameo as an hysterically sadistic dentist, while a masochistic Oscar-nominee Bill Murray (in the role Jack Nicholson originated in the 1960 version) lounges in the patient chair, eagerly anticipating the dental pain that awaits him. "The movie is a scream!" says Gene Shalit of the "Today Show." The New York Times calls it "a winning, delightful, full-blown movie musical," while "Sneak Previews" says it's "the looniest, nuttiest, most outrageous movie comedy in years!" Co-starring Tisha Campbell (TV's "Martin").moreless
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